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This is a limited (edition of 50) handmade book; from drawing to printing, to stitching, gluing, and binding, to finishing – every stage this book has been hand-made by me, including a screen-printed cover. It is 16 pages plus endpapers, the size is approximately 10x13.5cm, and each is signed and editioned as 1 of the 50.

This edition comes in 3 different coloured covers: red, orange, and a warm buff colour. If you have a preference, it’s first come first pick, and there are around 16 of each colour.

This is the introduction to the book: “The coloured illustrations in this book have been made specifically for the RISO printing process, where each colour is printed separately, using specific colours, and limited to those available. Achieved, by drawing, from life, separate layers for each colour using the grey tones, and qualities of graphite pencils, and blocking out areas with ink. Therefore, the completed coloured artworks only exist here in this book, they are not reproductions of coloured artwork.”

My inspiration for the making and printing of this book comes from my interest in autolithography printing, by artists working with the printer W S Cowells (I co-curated an exhibition of W S Cowell at the end of last year, at The Hold in Ipswich). Cowells worked with many artists, to help them understand the process of drawing separate layers for the printing of separate colours to produce final artworks, and I caught the printing bug, and taught myself!


Please note: the actual objects in the photos are not included.

A Museum of Sorts – a hand-made book

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