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These sample illustrations are displayed without the words, but in the book there are words!

Here's a video that introduces I Heard A Bird on its publication day.

I heard a BIRD.

published by Scallywag Press.

Part of the IN THE GARDEN series: A collection of titles that encourage young children to relate to the natural world.

A little girl hears a bird that is frightened away by some cats fighting.  As she searches for her bird, she encounters many other intriguing animals and insects. Then, after sitting down to listen to and enjoy the sounds of nature all around, her bird is heard once again!

What has been said about I Heard A Bird:

'Just right for sharing with young children, Rob's simple rhythmic text lets his beautifully patterned, screen-printed illustrations carry most of the story. This book is a must for anyone who wants to encourage little ones to engage with the natural world and enjoy what it has to offer.'


'Ramsden's deceptively simple but appealing stories let young children enjoy and appreciate nature through words and pictures.’


'This is a soothing and gently calming picture book. The choice of vocabulary is thoughtful and conveys the quality of the sounds the little girl can hear as she wanders through her garden on her journey of discovery. Perfectly pitched for pre-schoolers this is a lovely introduction to our natural world.'


Full of rhyme and rhythm, this is a lovely text to read aloud. The text describing the 'Caterpillars crawling, beetle burrowing' is positioned to demonstrate the different movements of these creatures… This beautiful picture book considers some big themes and could be used as part of a focus on: wellbeing, mindfulness and the beauty and the sounds of nature.

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