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These sample illustrations are displayed without the words, but in the book there are words!

We planted a PUMPKIN

published by Scallywag Press.

“We planted a seed, to grow a pumpkin for Halloween”

'We Planted a Pumpkin' is a book for those who love Halloween, but it's not just for Halloween, as we follow the life cycle of a pumpkin from Springtime to Autumn, it is the third book in the 'In The Garden' series. 

What has been said about We Planted A Pumpkin:
Follow the journey of a tiny seed to a big, fat, orange pumpkin! Will the pumpkin be ready in time for Halloween? As the children are seen tending to their plant, we explore their emotions: enthusiasm, anxiety, joy, and finally a sense of achievement. This book shares with young readers the delight of working with nature, and shows the need to be patient; it delights in the anticipation every child feels while preparing for Halloween. 'Perfect for encouraging little ones to find their green fingers, get their knees muddy, and have a wonderful time.' North Somerset Book Award Blog Review

'Conveys its crucial environmental message without a hint of preachiness.' 
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