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We found a SEED.

published by Scallywag Press.

Growing things isn’t easy – or rather it is, most seeds will grow undeterred if given the chance – it is our own experiences that perhaps aren’t so easy, especially for the new gardener.


The knowing when and where to plant a seed, what will help it grow, and how will it grow; the children in We Found A Seed experience the process of growth all the way through the life cycle of a seed, and in the end, they’ll know just what to do.

What has been said about We Found A Seed:

‘This is a beautiful and very clever illustration of the cycle of life, all wrapped up in a story that will be fun to read over and over again.  The rhythmic text is great to read aloud and there are opportunities for children to copy the actions of its stars on every page as they dance, sing, get blown by the wind, and grow up like the sunflower.’


‘Colourful, contemporary illustrations and a short, rhythmic story help to convey the magic of nature, the joys of friendship, and the fun of shared activities, making this the perfect book for home, school, and nursery.’
Lancashire Evening Post

‘This simple look at a sunflower life cycle and the seasons is again pitch perfect for the very young. Rob’s rhythmic text is memorable while his illustrations show just how worthwhile and rewarding continuing contact with the natural world can be. A small piece of brilliance.’
Red Reading Hub

‘There is also a gentle environmental theme to Rob Ramsden’s We Found a Seed. A little boy and girl known only as “us” find a seed one day while flying a kite. They are unsure at first what to do with it. They play and dance and sing for it, but it doesn’t grow. When they tuck the seed up in the soil for winter, it starts to reveal its mysteries, producing a magical sunflower as tall as they are. Ramsden’s spare text echoes the inscrutable seed, while the juxtaposition of image and text provides a finely paced visual representation of patience. Just as the children must wait for the seed to reveal itself, so the reader must wait too.’
The Irish Times

‘I love the retro feel of the delicately illustrated cloth cover of this book. Out playing one day, two children find a seed and decide to keep it safe. But how do they make it grow? Finally, it grows, flowers... and leaves even more seeds. Children will love to look out for the ladybird in the delicately detailed illustrations. When it flowers and dies they find it has left them lots of new seeds to plant. Perfect to get children interested in gardening and introduce them to the plant life cycle and seasons. Part picture book, part early nature book, it's a lovely way to show young children the cycle of the seasons and the wonders of nature.’
Parents in Touch

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